ConservativeGranny #2730

I thought that after a destructive 8 years of Obama this country would be ready to elect a conservative yet they are going to do the same stupid thing they did in the last two presidential elections.

How much lower could Clinton take us?

Trump took pages from both Obama and Bill Clinton. Clinton was admired for his slippery personality, charisma and ability to lie better than anyone else. Trump is the same. Obama and his “Hope and Change” sideshow was the pied piper and Trump has used the same techniques. Elections are no longer about the issues or who would make the best president. It’s about psychology, manipulation and mind control. Funny how that works.

Trump voters think that they are voting for some kind of savior when what they are really getting is a Clinton/Obama hybrid that is much more dangerous than either of those two.

Trumpsters are going to be sitting there someday wondering what in the h*** happened. Of course t here will be a long period of denial, pretzel twisting and spinning before that point. And if Clinton wins it will of course have nothing to do with them but it will be all the fault of anyone who didn’t vote for Trump.

I’m not very confident that the voters will learn anything after 4 years of Hillary either. I think Reagan was the last conservative president we will see in our lifetime.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. I never thought it would be easy but there is still a small glimmer of hope. And as long as there is I’m still fighting for Cruz and the future of our country. And still praying because it’s going to take lots of prayers and God’s mercy upon us.