slhancock1948 #3207

A few days back I read on FR that Trump was going to do a number on Cruz in the Enquirer. The people who know what the Enquirer is should know NOT the believe that Trash. I hope this sinks the Trump boat. This is a new low that I don’t recall any recent candidates making in recent years.

We’ve not had internet at our home for a couple days now and besides working 12 hour shifts, this is an old story, butI hope this backfires on Trump in a big way…like everybody in the next set of primaries refuse to vote Trump out of disgust! This is beyond disgusting. Why would we want a president that stoops to such lows? What would he do with the power of the presidency behind him? I don’t want to know. But his numbers against Hillary get weaker every day! This is serious!

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem