ConstitutionalConservative #573

Smart move Cruz is a strategist he knows Carly doesn’t stand a chance, but she has a significant number of supporters he wants those voters as they could go to Rubio, he has the same slick sharp tongue that makes it appear they are leaders, when Carly drops out her supporters will remember how Cruz was first out to her defense and in the process he might even garner her endorsement. Plus this creates a dilemma for the others will they ignore the issue or will they follow the leadership of Cruz, if they do follow (BONUS) they will have to say essentially the same thing use much the same words Cruz said as he captured and framed the narrative.

People are concerned with big issues and the personal attack dust ups do change minds but when the choice for some is hard they begin to weigh those little things, Cruz has and continues to accumulate the little things.

Of course other theories could be argued I suppose but as a Cruzer I look for the most positive reasonable and logical effects, Cruz must win, our Republic hangs by thin tattered ever weakening thread.