Biden praises Israel-UAE deal as building on 'efforts of multiple administrations'

Source: The Hill | August 13, 2020 | Tal Axelrod

Former Vice President Joe Biden hailed the announcement of a deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to establish formal diplomatic ties, saying the move was the culmination of “efforts of multiple administrations.”

“Today, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have taken a historic step to bridge the deep divides of the Middle East. The UAE’s offer to publicly recognize the State of Israel is a welcome, brave, and badly-needed act of statesmanship. And it is a critical recognition that Israel is a vibrant, integral part of the Middle East that is here to stay. Israel can and will be a valued strategic and economic partner to all who welcome it,” Biden said in a statement. 

“The coming together of Israel and Arab states builds on the efforts of multiple administrations to foster a broader Arab-Israeli opening, including the efforts of the Obama-Biden administration to build on the Arab Peace Initiative,” he added.

The statement follows President Trump’s announcement that he will help support the full normalization of ties between the two countries, which would make the UAE the first Gulf nation and only the third Arab state to reach a peace agreement with Israel.

Under the deal, Israel would halt efforts to annex territory in the West Bank, a move that likely would have sparked international condemnation.


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