Bolton rips Trump administration's move to block UN meeting on North Korea

Source: The Hill | December 10, 2019 | Rachel Frazin

Former Trump national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday appeared to criticize the administration’s refusal to support a United Nations (UN) meeting on North Korea’s human rights abuses.

“Maximum pressure against North Korea’s nuclear program requires mobilizing the widest possible support,” Bolton wrote in a tweet.

He added that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s “repression of his people,” “terrorist activities” and pursuit of weapons of mass destruction “all warrant the fullest scrutiny.”

“We should take the lead, not obstruct other nations,” Bolton continued.


The tweet follows a Monday Foreign Policy report that said the administration blocked a meeting on North Korea’s human rights record amid increasing tensions between the two countries. 

North Korea said Sunday that it had carried out a “very important test” at a satellite launch facility. A North Korean official also warned last week that the U.S. would choose what “Christmas gift” it wants from Pyongyang and the country’s ambassador to the UN has said that denuclearization is off the table


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  •  ConservativeGranny #34101

    Blah blah blah Bolton. Is that all you have to say? Unless you stand up and tell Congress you are ready to tell what you know anything you have to say is just obnoxious whining.

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