ConstitutionalConservative #590

Makes me wonder just what Jindal will get for his endorsement it must be grand as it otherwise makes no sense, unless Jindal is indeed one of the enemy within, Rubio is a back stabbing traitor to all that is conservatism there is a boatload of evidence to the fact.

I have often said if as Cruz proposes, to take on the restoration of our Constitutional Republic that many who call themselves conservatives would hate the outcome, such a righteous endeavor is a threat to their lust for power and prestige. The loathing, the hatred for Cruz runs wide and deep, we who know the truth must support him with our money and fervent prayer.

The flaming arrows of lies and deceit will come at Cruz with such intensity as to attempt to diminish him in the mind and heart of his supporters and unfortunately for many the multitude of false accusations will be to much to bear and they will turn away, (we will not have this man, give us Barabbas) we must stand strong with him, we have seen nothing yet.