1.8 Million Israeli Arabs: We Have the Same Claim to al-Aqsa…

Source: Conserative Papers | 6 march, 2016 | Ezequiel Dorny

1.8 million Israeli Arabs: “We have the same claim to Al-Aqsa than Abbas, Al Aqsa is Israeli!”. More Arabs live in Israel than in the West Bank

by Ezequiel Doiny

In “The Temple Mount is to Jews as Mecca is Muslims” published in Arutz 7 I wrote “The Europeans claim that Temple Mount has to be in ‘Palestine’ because the Jewish Temple is no longer there while the Al-Aqsa Mosque is there now. This argument is wrong for three reasons:

1. There are more Muslims in Israel than in the ‘West Bank’, Israeli Arabs have the same claim to Al-Aqsa as ‘West Bank’ Arabs.

2. Israel preserves Muslim Holy sites while Arabs destroy Jewish Holy sites if given a chance. Israel has not destroyed Al-Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock from 1967 till now, 2014, under Israeli sovereignty. The Palestinians destroyed Joseph’s Tomb and illegally excavated and destroyed Jewish Archaeological remains from Solomon’s Temple and would destroy much more if given sovereignty.

3. The area of the Temple Mount is the holiest site for Judaism even without the Temple there. (Jews around the world face Temple Mount when they pray, Muslims face Mecca even when on or around Temple Mount)

The Temple Mount was the site where the two Jewish Temples were located. King David blessed the Temple Mount before King Solomon built the First Temple in 957 BCE. The First Temple was destroyed in 586 BCE by the Babylonians. The Second Temple was built in 538 BCE and destroyed in 70 CE by the Romans. The Al Aqsa mosque was built on top of the ruins of the Jewish Temple after the Arab conquest of Jerusalem in 709 CE.

This is an excerpt from Mark Twain’s “The Innocents Abroad” describing his visit to the Mosque of Omar and the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem in 1867:




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  • slhancock1948 #2219

    Warning! Long article….

    The ME is heating up. Wonder how many months/years until a peace treaty MUST be signed?

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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