2 missiles intercepted over Abu Dhabi, UAE says

Source: The Hill | January 24, 2022 | Sarakshi Rai

The United Arab Emirates on Monday said it had successfully blocked two ballistic missiles fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels over the capital city of Abu Dhabi, according to reports.

The UAE’s Ministry of Defense said “its air defense forces had intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles targeting the UAE, which were fired by the Houthi militia,” according to state news agency Wam.

The ministry added there were “no casualties resulting from the attack, and the fragments of the ballistic missiles fell in different areas” around Abu Dhabi.

It further pledged its “full readiness to deal with any threats” and said it will “take all necessary measures to protect the UAE from any attacks.”

Videos circulating on social media reported show air missiles in action over the skies of Abu Dhabi in the early hours of the morning. 

The UAE Ministry of Defense later tweeted a video and said that an “F-16 destroyed a ballistic missile launcher” in Yemen’s Al Jawf area “immediately after it launched two ballistic missiles at Abu Dhabi.”

A Houthi military spokesperson, Yahya Sarea, claimed responsibility for the attack. He said in a statement that the Zulfiqar ballistic missiles were fired at al-Dhafra airbase in Abu Dhabi, which is used by the United States, and other “sensitive targets,” Reuters reported.

Sarea said the group had also launched drones toward Dubai, the newswire added.


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