3 Reasons Trump Won’t Debate Ted Cruz Anymore

Source: Daily Wire | March 16, 2016 | Hank Berrien


When he announced on Wednesday on “Fox and Friends” that he would have to skip the debate, Trump added that he didn’t even know there was one.

He lied. After last week’s CNN debate, Trump said he knew of more debates to come and he was okay with the idea.

So here are three brief reasons why Trump is skipping any debate with Cruz:

1. He’d get creamed. As Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post pointed out, when Trump is answering questions, he “tends to avoid any policy details and has, on occasion, shown a remarkable lack of knowledge on issues.” Cruz, on the other hand, is a brilliant debater, whether he’s “running a kritik” or simply outclassing his opponents with his intelligence and debating skills. As Jeff Greenfield wrote in Politico, “I saw it last night during the FOX Business News debate, when Sen. Ted Cruz again demonstrated that, in this political arena, he is simply better than anyone else…….

2. Trump has everything to lose, and nothing to gain. He is well ahead in delegates, and a loss to Cruz in a debate would clearly show that he simply does not have the intellectual wherewithal to handle the demanding rigors of the presidency. Why debate when you can coast on your reputation and utter red meat to the masses without any substantive thought behind them?

3. Submitting to a debate with Cruz would indicate that Trump does not control his world, which would hugely disturb his followers. By refusing to debate, Trump looks as if he’s in control, not the media, which endears him to his supporters.

Of course, the real reason is door number 1: Trump is simply afraid that Cruz would make mincemeat out of him.

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    rodamala #2740

    We all knew that when faced with a one on one debate with Cruz, Trump would be left looking like the tool that he is…

    Sadly, when this mess started… with a JV kids table debate and some ridiculous 14 or whatever candidates… we had to wait and wait and wait… and eventually Cruz interference mush mouth Carson and Speedtalk Rubio get out… too late… with Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube man still in it?

    Gimme a break.

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