After Paul Exits, Cruz Wins New Supporters in Texas

Source: Texas Tribune | Feb. 3, 2016 | Patrick Svitek
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    Ted Cruz has won a batch of new supporters in the Texas Legislature following U.S. Senate colleague Rand Paul’s decision Wednesday to exit the presidential race.

    Most prominent is state Sen. Don Huffines, the Dallas Republican who had chaired Paul’s campaign in Texas. Huffines, a longtime friend of the Paul family, said he sees similarities between Cruz’s campaign and the Kentucky senator’s libertarian message, with both focused on “vastly limiting” the size of the federal government.

    “I think Sen. Cruz will pick up a lot of the libertarian-leaning Republicans and the Republicans that have a strong philosophical belief in freedom and liberty and restrained government,” Huffines said. Cruz, Huffines added, holds the “values that I believe are closest to those that Rand campaigned on.”

    Cruz also picked up the endorsement Wednesday of state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, a longtime supporter of the Pauls and their political efforts. While Stickland had not formally endorsed Rand Paul, he had spoken favorably of him and made donations to his campaign.


    Dom Ruinart #439

    Jonathan Stickland is my state rep. I will vote for Scott Fisher in the primary against him.

    Stickland is an immature, fit-throwing neanderthal:

    And Don Huffines?

    Huffines thinks localities should not have an ability to set their own direction. We rail against the federal government usurping state laws, yet it’s OK now for states to stomp on cities?

    These are the two “endorsements” Cruz is touting.

    Cruz will win the Texas primary. Home state boy.

    But he’ll do it without me.

    FinFlyer #443

    Cruz will win the Texas primary. Home state boy.

    But he’ll do it without me.

    Fine. But you’ll vote for him in the General if he gets the nomination, right?

    Because from where I’m sitting, imperfect as Cruz is, he’s still obviously the right choice compared to what else is out there. Trump is a clown, evidence is showering like ash all over his fans — and if they are mad, they will vote for him and the White House will go to a phony-brilliant (his “business prowess” is ordinary, for all his billions) reality TV self-created celebrity.

    I’m always blown away when such an obvious blessing comes along, how so many turn their noses up at it.

    Dom Ruinart #447

    I don’t consider Cruz a “blessing.” He’s the lesser of two evils if it comes to that.

    Scarlett_Says #452

    Dom are you willing to say who you support?

    FReeper formerly known as Brothers4thID

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