Airline signs historic deal to use recycled cooking oil to fuel its planes

Source: The Hill | December 6, 2021 | Shirin Ali

“This agreement marks another important step on our journey to net zero carbon emissions and forms part of our commitment, as part of International Airlines Group, to power 10 percent of flights with SAF by 2030,” said Sean Doyle, British Airways CEO.

British Airways will start fueling its planes with cooking oil as a way to curb the airline industry’s environmental footprint. 

The airline announced it will use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), a low carbon intensity fuel that’s derived from vegetable oils, fats and greases, beginning next year. The company said moving to SAF can reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by over 80 percent compared to traditional jet fuel. 

British Airways signed a multi-year contract with Phillips 66 Limited, an energy manufacturing company, making Phillips the first company to produce SAF at a commercial scale in the U.K.  

The move reflects British Airways’ goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and expects to purchase enough sustainable fuel to reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by almost 100,000 tons. The company said that’s equivalent to powering 700 net zero carbon emissions flights between London and New York on a fuel-efficient Boeing 787 airplane.


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