Andrew C. McCarthy: Ted Cruz’s Smashing Victory in Iowa

Source: National Review | February 2, 2016 | Andrew C. McCarthy
I was proud to endorse Ted Cruz several weeks ago, so I obviously could not be more pleased with the caucus results last night in Iowa. It is only the first step in a long process, but it was a remarkable step. Under circumstances where conventional wisdom said a turnout in excess of the previous record 122,000 caucus-goers would be a boon for Donald Trump and spell doom for Senator Cruz, the turnout record was demolished – it appears that over 182,000 attended – yet Cruz won comfortably. Indeed, he earned more caucus votes than any candidate in history. The most significant aspect of this is that Ted is a conservative running as a conservative – not in the modern mold of a Republican who thinks he can make big government work more efficiently, but in the Reaganite mold that sees government as the problem. This is tougher terrain than it was in the 1980s because the country is not as solidly center-right as it was then. But principles are not trend lines. If they fall out of fashion, it is not because they’ve been discredited; it is because leaders stop advocating them – because they’ve been seduced by Washington and have lost interest in stripping Washington down to size.
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    Up until last night, the question about such a campaign was: Can he win? Now, the question is: Will he win? That is no guarantee of victory – far from it. But it is a big and vital step in the right direction.

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