Arizona Congressman Trent Franks Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Source: Cruz News | March 11, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, Cruz for President announced the endorsement of Arizona Congressman Trent Franks. Congressman Franks is a conservative, Reagan Republican who has represented parts of the Phoenix area in Congress since 2003.

“I remain deeply committed to the election of a President who is committed to preserving the Constitution, the conservative cause, and this Republic for future generations,” said Rep. Franks. “Two weeks ago I urged Senators Cruz and Rubio to unite and present our Party with a combined ticket that would bring our conservative cause together in the primary election, and our nation together in the general election. While that did not happen, the results of the last two weeks make clear that the most reliable conservative with the best chance to win is Ted Cruz. He can win our party’s nomination and even more importantly, can beat Hillary Clinton in November. Therefore I have cast my ballot for Ted and am now honored to endorse his campaign, encouraging all who believe in strong families, free-markets, and the Constitution, to similarly rally to this effort and vote for Ted as the next President of the United States.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of such a principled leader and defender of the Constitution like Trent,” said Cruz. “He rightfully knows that it’s time for all conservatives to coalesce around our campaign in order to stop Donald Trump. Arizona will have the opportunity to help choose the next President of the United States in less than two weeks and I urge all Arizonans to join Rep. Franks in support of our campaign.”


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