Big Changes Coming for the 2020 GOP Primary

Source: RedState | May 8, 2016 | Leon H. Wolf

RNC members are looking at massive, wholesale changes to the GOP primary system after the 2016 farce resulted in the nomination of Donald Trump. The new rules put into place this year were specifically designed to avoid a result like 2012, where front runner Mitt Romney faced an unexpectedly brutal and embarrassing battle. To avoid protracted insurgency candidacies, the GOP tweaked the delegate rules to almost overwhelmingly favor the early frontrunner.

It was these rules that allowed Donald Trump to race out to a massive delegate lead early in the process even though he overall only got about 37% of the primary vote. The fact that Ted Cruz was able to get close at all shows what a crappy front runner Trump really was, and how weak his campaign was.

The RNC members have been long discussing how to further tweak the process, and one of the things that could be a welcome change is some change in the early state rotation, which has traditionally featured Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and (recently) Nevada. In particular, Nevada’s debacles in both 2012 and 2016 mean that Nevada is extremely likely to be removed from the early rotation.



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  • Consistent #5864

    EVERYDAY #5866

    Another cluster (expletive) from the Republican Party. Whatever it is, I think it will be too late for most conservatives. The party is going to wither away on the vine.

    Is there a valid reason why we can’t have all primaries on the same day? And can we get rid of caucuses?

    ConstitutionalConservative #5875

    This time the rules will be changed to insure a conservative cannot even get close, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just came out and said constitutional conservatives are not eligible to run as republican.
    I also think the platform will be tweaked to the point where it will be barely indistinguishable from the democrat platform. I mean everything that is different between the current platforms are by the republican establishment ignored anyway, they might as well dust it off.

    CA Surveyor #5877

    How is Trump “nominated?”

    He does not have enough delegates.

    Hanky-panky going on!

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