Birx warns against 'false sense of security' that outbreak will wane this summer

Source: Politico | June 2, 2020 | Sarah Owermohle

The Trump administration has faced withering criticism of its efforts to shore up protective gear during the crisis.

The United States should not expect the coronavirus outbreak to wane over the summer, White House coronavirus coordinator Deborah Birx said Tuesday.

“None of us can be lulled into this false sense of security that the cases may go down this summer,” Birx said in a discussion with the German Marshall Fund president during the organization’s Brussels Forum webcast. She added that American leaders are preparing actively for the possibility of finding and containing future outbreaks through contact tracing and proactive surveillance.


Developed countries need to work together this summer to stem future shortages of key supplies such as masks by stockpiling and building redundancy so that supplies come from multiple sources, said Birx, who also serves as the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator. “We cannot go into another potential threat situation without diversification of the supply chain.”


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