Brian Kemp elected Georgia governor

Source: The Hill | November 18, 2018 | Lydia Wheeler

Republican Brian Kemp was officially elected governor over his opponent Stacey Abrams, with The Associated Press declaring Kemp’s victory on Sunday, nearly two weeks after the election. 

Kemp’s run against Abrams was one of the nation’s tightest and most controversial and the votes cast on Election Day left the race too tight to call for days. 

Georgia certified the state’s vote on Saturday, confirming Kemp led Abrams by 1.4 percentage points, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Abrams on Friday ended her campaign, saying she saw “no legal path forward” against Kemp because she lacked the votes necessary to force a runoff under state law.

Kemp had already declared victory and stepped down as Georgia’s secretary of state as he began his transition to the governor’s mansion.


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    How were any voters disenfranchised, Miz Abrams? They voted, didn’t they. So the race was close and Kemp won by a very tiny margin. Doesn’t mean that anyone was denied the right to vote.

    I was reading something earlier today — seems there are a few movies or tv shows being shot in Georgia now, but since Hollywood’s favorite candidate lost, some actors are calling for a boycott of the state. It’s all sour grapes and a lot of grandstanding. I don’t see any provable allegations of fraud. It all boils down to supposed adults with the maturity of a twelve year old, all disappointed because their candidate lost. What are they going to do next? Threaten to move to Canada? I will help them pack.

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