Caravan migrants thin out as 3,230 apply for asylum in Mexico

Source: Washington Examiner | November 7, 2018 | Anna Giaritelli

More than 3,200 migrants who had been a part of caravans moving from Central America to the United States’ southern border have abandoned the group to either stay in Mexico or return to their home countries, according to the Mexican government.

The country’s Interior Ministry reported 3,230 people had asked the government permission to stay in Mexico as refugees as of Tuesday. After the refugee process completed, a temporary shelter in Tapachula was shut down.

Fewer than 2,700 people from that group have been given interim visitor documents, which allow them to work while in Mexico and waiting for COMAR, the country’s Commission for Refugee Aid, to decide whether they can permanently stay.


Approximately 4,000 people are still traveling to the country’s border with the U.S., according to an estimate from Mexican officials last week.


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