Christians Have No Duty to Vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

Source: The Resurgent | June 6, 2016 | Erick Erickson

I continue encountering people at church who tell me I have to pick between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Obviously, everyone wants me to pick Trump, knowing I would never pick Hillary. They just cannot seem to understand why I would sit out the election with so much at stake.

My first answer is that if our choices are Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s donor and friend, we are way beyond the need to worry about the loss of a Supreme Court and what it might do to Christians in the United States.

My second answer is that Christians are under no compulsion to ratify evil with a vote. We can sit this one out.

While you may certainly feel compelled to vote for Trump over Hillary, you have every right. But you should not expect me to go along with it. And I would hope you have the Christian decency to not declare Trump a good Christian or a moral person to justify your vote for him. This is a man who has repeatedly declared he has never repented of his sins, which is a basic, fundamental tenet of Christianity.


I take Charles Spurgeon’s view that between two evils, I should choose neither.

Christians are under no obligation to pick the lesser of two evils or judge between the evils of two lessers. We can withhold our endorsement by withholding our vote. We have the right to participate in the process, but just because we have the right does not mean we have to exercise that right.

I will not be exercising that right if my choices are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. For those of you who make the argument that not voting for Trump is a vote for Clinton, please be prepared to argument how, based on that logic, not voting for Hillary is a vote for Trump.


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    slhancock1948 #6789

    Good article. Read it at work, but cannot post from work. I am not voting for Trump or Hillary. I am voting Cruz. I once fell for the “If you don’t vote for _______, it is an automatic vote for _________.” Sorry, but if neither gets my vote, then neither have advantage. I will vote my conscience and let the Lord bring the right candidate into the presidency. I am ashamed of being shamed into voting for McCain or Romney. Both times, I was voting for their VPs more than themselves, and I’d say we’ve lived through both to see what disasters that would’ve been. After their failed run, they all came out to support the weirdest things.

    But this election cycle has clarified the real conservatives from the populist ones. Fewer people to support and give to, but maybe this will wake some up to see that we have a lot of work to do to get conservative issues back in the mainstream of society.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #6791

    I will not vote for president, will skip it on the ballot. I think Trump has a mental disorder and I won’t vote for a crazy person. Period.

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