Conservative Circle to Accept Free Memberships

Source: | April 3, 2016 |

After several weeks of planning and new, custom software development, The Conservative Circle has release an update that allows for multiple levels of membership, including a free membership level.

To make it easier for members to match their participation level with budget constraints, the site now offers three different paid membership levels at different prices and a free level. Each level comes with different features and limits on activity in the forums. You can see the details on the Plan Comparison page.

There is a strong desire to keep the Circle a fun and friendly place to interact, while welcoming broader participation and new members. The free memberships will be supported with advertising, but, it is likely that the advertising revenue will not be that great, so there will definitely be a need for paid members and/or contributions for the site to survive.

Being a Conservative-oriented site, many of the members share a belief in “value-for-value” and do not expect others to pay for their needs, be they medical care, college tuition, housing or food. They have said things like:

“I’m very grateful to whomever got this site together. I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount to support the site.”

“Speaking only for myself, this site is a bargain. I used to donate heavily to [another site]. The cost of this membership is a lot less.”

“It is costly to set up and maintain a website. I have no problem with paying. It’s either that or we are bombarded with ads for Dr. Oz’s latest weight loss discovery.”

The Conservative Circle is a mobile-friendly site where people can have fun discussing current affairs, hobbies and other interests, interact with friendly, intelligent people who share their values and maybe even learn something new.

People are joining the Conservative Circle to make new friends and re-connect with old friends who have like-minded principles and attitudes. They are also looking to get away from some of the nasty, crude comments, abusive treatment, and personality cults found on other (Formerly Right leaning sites).

We hope that one of these new plans will fit everyone’s needs. Please come on and join us today! And encourage your friends too!

The Conservative Circle Team


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  • Consistent #3730

    Come on in!

    Join us.

    rgintn #3731

    thank you! I’m on a tight budget so this free membership is a gift!

    Consistent #3732

    Welcome to the Circle, rgintn!

    Myself6 #3738


    Thanks for the opportunity to join the conversation.

    Consistent #3740

    Welcome to the Circle, Myself6!

    EVERYDAY #3742

    Welcome to the newbies!

    ConstitutionalConservative #3743

    Rgintn, Myself6, welcome to CC very good to have you aboard, you will find the folks here to be friendly, respectful, reasonable like minded constitutional conservatives all of whom are bent towards seeing the restoration of our Constitutional Republic and the principles declared there in. We are not subject to the varied flamboyant political winds of those who would sacrifice and discard those constitutional principles and values for personal power, prestige and admiration as we will not be deterred from that fundamental design of a more perfect union.

    You are going to love it here, a place where new arrivals are celebrated not denigrated or subjected to foolish insults but treated with respect in a mature manner. Things are a bit slow as this site is so very new but it is beginning to grow and is not formulated to compete with other sites but developed to become a truly no comprise conservative home; the fact is there are not very many such sites anymore; so many have compromised and darkened the basics for profit, numbers and status… Oh and BTW we can still disagree, be sarcastic, humorous and all those fun things but we do so in a non personal derogatory manner, others may say that but we practice it so there is no need to be moderated like children; real conservatives are thinkers not emotionally driven wrecks void of reason, logic, common sense and self control… It Is All So Very Good ENJOY!

    kleindropper #3754

    Yay new people! Welcome to a site with much fewer death threats than those “other” sites.

    coolrain #3757

    Welp!! It’s nice to go ahead and join after lurking so long. Thank you for the different levels that are available, because you can pick one that suits your posting need (mine is ‘contributor’ at this time). I tend to be a wallflower, but will upgrade if my posting goes up to help out.

    Victoria #3759

    Welcome to all new members. I have cut “newbie” out of my vocabulary, all of you are respected new members.
    Marcella, my real name in case you have written to or read my posts on another website. When I need a handle, I use Victoria, the great Queen of England.

    mostlyhomebound #3760

    It took a bit, but I finally made it, here. Admins, thanks for the assistance.

    SteveFrench #3762

    Yay! I’m here!!!!

    EVERYDAY #3765

    Welcome Mostly homebound and SteveFrench!

    EVERYDAY #3766

    Welcome Mostlyhomebound and SteveFrench!

    EVERYDAY #3767

    OK now I’m repeating myself. And I wasn’t even drinking. Sorry😩

    mostlyhomebound #3771


    ConservativeGranny #3773

    A big welcome to all of the new members! I have been enjoying this site very much. It is a friendly and comfortable place to be.

    TXDeb #3790

    Thank you so very much. This place is like a breath of fresh air.

    silver pines #3791

    Welcome to everyone new!

    And welcome to finally breathing free again. You won’t find yourself harangued or bullied or pressured into going along with the crowd. There are no bitchy cliques of over-aged junior high school girls. And there’s no all-knowing, all-wise forum head who thrives on your fawning and your adoration.

    In short, this is not an inbred, unhealthy bubble. It’s just a laid-back place where conservatives can meet and talk with one another.

    If you need to vent about the place you came from, there’s a private forum called the Circle. It’s members-only and you can do so to your heart’s content.

    Hope y’all enjoy. 🙂

    slhancock1948 #3792

    Welcome to everyone new! We like our site here and hope you do so! It’s certainly less controversial, and argumentative. We allow that we are different and although all conservatives, that we might have slight differences. We actually like to read the responses of others, so we expect that you’ll add the the discussion/debates.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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