Conservatives Say No To Drafting Women

Source: Washington Free Beacon | February 8, 2016 | Aaron MacLean

Remember when the debate over “women in combat” was just a niche, professional dispute that seemed to affect only a small number of Americans, all of whom were either in (or trying to get into) ground combat units entirely of their own accord? It was all fun and games back in those days.

But then came last Tuesday, when the chiefs of the Army and the Marine Corps advised a Senate committee that women should have to register for the Selective Service, and then the GOP debate on Saturday, when Rubio, Bush, and Christie all agreed with the idea, and then yesterday, when Cruz said of his fellow candidates’ stance: “Are you guys nuts?” A lot of Americans are slowly waking up to the reality that action is currently before the federal courts which could soon result in Selective Service registration becoming mandatory for women, even without congressional action, now that the Obama administration has opened combat units to both sexes.

Presumably Cruz has noticed the shock that followed when Rubio (who has distinguished himself by an extremely conservative, if ideologically consistent, position on abortion) followed by Bush and Christie all threw in for the draft:

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    The question of treating men and women in the armed forces as though they were interchangeable, an issue has been ignored until now by most Americans, is finally having its full implications come into the light. They are vast, and affect every young woman and her parents. Rubio, Bush, and Christie say they are okay with that. Cruz says he is not. How do Republican voters feel?

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