Cruz Accepts Invitations to Debate in Indiana

Source: Cruz News | April 25, 2016 |

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, the Cruz for President campaign accepted two invitations to participate in GOP debates in Indianapolis this week: one from WRTV and another from Tony Katz of WIBC radio.

“Today marks forty-six days since the last Republican debate,” said Cruz. “Forty-six days. A month and a half. The Democrats have debated. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have showed the respect the voters are due by subjecting themselves to the scrutiny of the voters. Indeed, the Democrats are talking about scheduling a second debate, and yet Donald Trump continues to cower in Trump Tower, afraid to defend his positions. The reason he’s been afraid to do so is he has no answer when he’s asked how to bring jobs back to America. He has no answer when he’s asked how to keep America safe from radical Islamic terrorism. This is a serious time. The American people want and deserve a serious leader focused on jobs, freedom, and security. That’s exactly what I will be and what I will do as President.”


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    Trump will not do it because there is no positive outcome for him but plenty of negative outcome when he can’t speak in detail about anything he has proposed. Other people have written his position papers on his website and he would have to have them in front on him and read it line by line, OR because I think he has a learning disability, he may not be able to actually read all the words. I knew a man who had a reading disability and it was with him all his life. He was a singer at church and tried to remember the words to a song, but sometimes, nonsense words would come out because he could not read common words.

    I also know a man who is a genius and can read but none of the other members of his family could/can read due to an inherited learning disability but he did not get that gene. The genius lives in Texas but his non-reading brother is in California with a responsible job. When he has to read something, he calls his genius brother and says, “read”. The genius brother knows what to do. The non-reading brother spells out the words and the genius tells him what they are and what they mean in that context.

    I just think Trump is covering up a learning disability and that is likely why he does not use a teleprompter, he cannot read the words on the teleprompter.

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