….Cruz and Kasich have reportedly formed an alliance to defeat Trump

Source: Twitchy | April 24, 2016 | Greg P.

‘Desperation time’: Cruz and Kasich have reportedly formed an alliance to defeat Trump

We’re seeing multiple reports tonight that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have formed an alliance of sorts to deny Donald Trump the delegates he needs to win the nomination on the first ballot.

The scheme has Kasich focusing on states where he is strongest — New Mexico and Oregon — which leaves Cruz free to focus his resources in an attempt to win Indiana:



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  • Consistent #5146

    Consistent #5147

    Victoria #5149

    Excellent. Stop Trump.

    madmaximus #5153

    Maybe a Cruz/Kasich ticket?!? I could vote for that. Go Cruz. #NeverTrump

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    mostlyhomebound #5155

    I would hold my nose for a Cruz/Kasich ticket. I’d prefer Cruz/Walker or even a Cruz/Rubio or Cruz/Fiorina, but if there’s no stump on the ticket, I would probably vote for it.

    EVERYDAY #5156

    I mentioned numerous times on FR that I went to school with Kasich as a kid. Apart from his liberal politics, he’s a decent guy. I would rather see another conservative as Vice President, but Ted Cruz could do a lot worse. Who knows? Maybe as President, Ted Cruz could educate John on the virtues of conservatism.

    kleindropper #5169

    I’ve always been a Cruz/Rubio guy but I find Cruz/Kasich acceptable. If they are already working together, it’s a real possibility.

    Don’t forget what Rubio has said about Cruz either. Rubio will not release his delegates to ensure they don’t go to Trump.

    So that is the 3 major candidates (13.1 million votes / 56% of the total) against Trump (8.8 million votes / 38%) – which side should the party side with: the 2/3rds or the 1/3?

    L9teen #5206

    I have a big problem with Kasich. Not only is he NOT a conservative, but he’s delusional. The man thinks HE is going to win. Add to that, that this “deal” he supposedly made, he didn’t keep up his end and is now acting like he had no idea about it.

    He’s a liar. A typical democrat politician, actually. If Ted Cruz has principles and standards not to hook his line to Trump (or support him if he’s nominated) than he’d be wise not to hook his line to Kasich.

    Victoria #5208

    I’ve followed Kasich’s career through his House Representative years when he balanced the US budget, the last time it balanced, and through the years until he became governor of Ohio where he took that state from being in the red to a balanced budget with a large surplus. He is a Christian and cares for the people in his state. i would never call him a liar. He has said he isn’t interested in being VP, but he knows how our government works and would be an asset as VP.

    liberty #5209

    Kasich doesn’t impress me right now. I didn’t really know too much about him, but I thought his debate performances were not at all impressive.
    I am afraid that Cruz may be making a misstep in working with Kasich and making an announcement. I think Ted’s focus on getting delegates committed to him and focusing on the second ballot made the most sense.
    There are others I would prefer to see as VP picks. Scott Walker makes sense to me.

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    Victoria #5213

    Liberty, you are correct Kasich was a low key debater and didn’t stand out. However, what he is, is, a worker and mastermind at budgets/handling money so it doesn’t disappear and so there is money left over. He was in finance after he balanced the US budget numerous times and left government so he kept up his financial abilities until he became the governor of Ohio and turned that state from over spending into balanced budgets and surplus money. He isn’t a glorious, shiny object that captivates people but his work ethic is strong to make a difference to the good of the people he is serving. I guess one could say he is a dull accountant who does his job very well. The president could be the shiny object with Kasich buried in the books and causing the country to once again have a balanced budget. :o)

    liberty #5215

    You have a very interesting perspective on Kasich. I think I will educate myself a little more about his accomplishments. I am a strong supporter of cutting spending, specifically on entitlements which most politicians refuse to touch.
    I want limited government and reduced taxes without sacrificing our defense. I am still wishing for 35 years ago and Ronald Reagan. Everyone, wants to claim they are Ronald Reagan without doing the tough job.

    CA Surveyor #5216

    Kasich’s bizare support for common core and obamacare are enough to kill him for me.

    Victoria #5223

    CA Surveyor, you said: “Kasich’s bizare support for common core and obamacare are enough to kill him for me.”

    I live with Bob. Bob’s son and family lives in Ohio. Son’s daughter, Bob’s granddaughter, a straight A student, is in high school there and they have common core because the school system wants common core. Kasich doesn’t run the school system. Kasich took the extension of Medicaid under Obamacare so the poorer people in the state could have medical coverage but he tailored it so it wouldn’t break the bank of Ohio. Because the son lives there (son is major conservative), we get information straight from him as to what Kasich is doing.

    Also, as vice president, Kasich would not be in control of Medicaid or Obamacare – Cruz would stop Obamacare and shut down the Education Department – that gets rid of both your concerns with Kasich. Let Kasich work with the House and balance our budget and start paying down our multi-million trillions of dollars debt. Perhaps this info. will make you feel better about Kasich if Cruz wanted him as VP. Kasich has said he would rather be a governor than VP. If he sticks to that, he won’t be VP.

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