Cruz Colorado chair blasts 'horrible' Team Trump charge of 'Gestapo tactics'

Source: Washington Examiner | April 11, 2016 | Philip Klein

Rep. Ken Buck, who lead Sen. Ted Cruz to a sweep of delegates in Colorado over the weekend, said it was “horrible” for the Trump campaign to accuse Cruz of employing “Gestapo tactics” to win delegates.

“It is horrible to tell people who have spent dozens of hours volunteering the time to put together an honest, straight-forward process, that they’re using Gestapo tactics or that they’re victims of Gestapo tactics,” Buck, the chair of Cruz’s Colorado campaign, told the Washington Examiner. “People that left that assembly on Saturday evening were proud to have participated in the process.”


Buck said he started informally organizing for the Cruz campaign in December, and was formally named chair of the campaign in January and has been working with volunteers since then.

“It is typical of the Trump campaign to blame losing on other candidates cheating or unfairly taking advantage of the system,” Buck said. “The truth is that the rules in Colorado have been set for awhile, they were determined by the central committee. They were sent out to all the campaigns.”

The Colorado Republican Party decided last summer to nix a presidential preference vote to get around an RNC rule attempting to bind delegates to the state winner. Instead, Colorado wanted the option of having their delegates be unbound in Cleveland.

Buck said Cruz is “viewed in Colorado as somebody who has stuck by his conservative principles” and as a result he was able to attract an army of grassroots volunteers eager to work on their free time to help his efforts in the state.


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    I just posted on another thread, every state Republican party has their delegate rules on their website, along with all their rules, free for anyone to read. Now, this article says the party sent the rules to each candidate. Wonder where those rules ended up when Trump got them? Oh, well, forget that, it’s not important as Trump has flown around in his airplane speaking to thousands so he is entitled to win. Don’t you know, Trump doesn’t need rules, he does whatever he wants at any time he wants. Besides, the fixtures in his airplane are gold plated, therefore he should win. In reality, it appears that rules on a piece of paper mean more than his airplane.

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