Cruz defends performance in "very nasty" S.C. primary

Source: CBS News | February 21, 2016 | Rebecca Kaplan


When moderator John Dickerson asked whether Trump had ever questioned Cruz’s faith in the lead up to the South Carolina election – something Trump denied doing in a separate interview on “Face the Nation” – Cruz said, “there’s no doubt that both Donald [Trump] and Marco [Rubio] got very personal, got very nasty.”

“Both of them, when you point to their records, they follow the same pattern. They scream, ‘Liar, liar, liar,’ they impugn your integrity, they attack your character,” he said.

Cruz insisted he will not “impugn anyone’s integrity” or attack their character.

“I will happily praise both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio as men whom I admire…I’m not going to go personal with them,” he said.

But he argued that he is the only candidate who truly opposes amnesty for people in the country illegally and said he is the one who has led the fight to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.



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