Cruz Explains the Problem with #NeverTrump

Source: Red State | March 7, 2016 | Dan Spencer

During an appearance on yesterday’s edition of “Face the Nation,” Sen. Ted Cruz said that Donald Trump needs to be defeated “at the ballot box,” not at the Republican National Convention. Cruz offers several reasons the #NeverTrump is not the way to defeat Trump:

  • – A brokered convention will be seen as an effort of the Washington Establishment to steal the nomination and will cause  uprising.
  • – It’s wrong and illegitimate for a the Washington Establishment — a bunch of Washington deal- makers and lobbyists to parachute in their preferred candidate because they don’t like what the voters are doing.
  • – It would be an enormous mistake to use a brokered convention as some want — to try and  stifle the will of the people.

John Dickerson, the host of “Face the Nation,” got right to it with Sen. Cruz, asking the Senator if he had a path to the nomination or if he was just trying to stop Trump. As stated in this CBS write up, Cruz replied, “Any time you hear people talking about a brokered convention, I think that is the fevered talk of the Washington establishment,” Cruz went on to note that “The Washington establishment is in a panic. They’re confused. They don’t understand what’s happening.” And he correctly pointed out that there’s a difference between a movement against Trump led by the people, and an “illegitimate” movement to choose the nominee by the Republican Establishment in Washington that would cause a “manifest uprising” against the Establishment in response.


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