Cruz Nails the Current Problem With American Government

Source: American Clarion | March 11, 2016 | Bob Ellis

This clip (below) from last night’s GOP presidential debate encapsulates marvelously the behavior of modern American government that is strangling this once-great nation, and highlights what sets Senator Ted Cruz head-and-shoulders apart from every other candidate in the race.

No other candidate is willing to even come near the sacred cow of Social Security (aka Socialist Security), but Ted Cruz is willing to not only start dealing with its insolvency (that’s the problem with socialist programs–they’re just government Ponzi schemes that eventually run out of other people’s money), but to fundamentally start moving it back toward the kind of free market solution that fits with the U.S. Constitution’s model of limited government.  You can’t get rid of such a prolific and monolithic program overnight (people are too deeply dependent on it), but we have to start moving younger Americans toward private, free-market solutions, and Ted Cruz understands that this moves America back in the direction of what the founders established–what made us the greatest nation in history in the first place.

Like Ronald Reagan, the man he admires, he understands having “smart” people in Washington D.C. won’t fix squat. We already have lots of “smart” people in government right now. Government IS the problem, and as the founders of this nation understood completely: the more government, the less freedom, and the less government, the more freedom. America was designed to be a limited-government nation, and that philosophy of getting government out of the way and the affairs of a free people is what led to the most free and prosperous nation in all of human history.

Indeed, as Cruz states in this clip from the debate, he has already laid out a plan to eliminate five major federal agencies and 25 major programs, saving $500 billion from the federal budget (and restoring incalculable freedom in the process).  Most politicians won’t even come up with a serious plan to do this, and fewer still will even follow through on it, because the special interests come out of the woodwork to whine and scream. Ted Cruz has proven that he will resist that siren call, and he did it by going to Iowa of all places and touting his determination to end the federal ethanol mandate.  Many people thought Cruz was crazy for promoting that in Iowa, but he stuck to his guns…and won the Iowa caucus.  There’s one man you can count on to take on federal corporate welfare, and that’s Ted Cruz.


Ted Cruz is the ONLY presidential candidate we can trust to turn this nation back from the abyss of Leftist mediocrity and decay over which we now hang. We can trust him, because unlike every one of his competitors in both major parties, his record PROVES we can trust him to get the job done.

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