D.C. National Guard deployment extended through end of March

Source: Politico | January 26, 2021 | Natasha Bertrand, Lara Seligman and Andrew Desiderio

The new orders suggest that law enforcement agencies in the nation’s capital are preparing for potential unrest in the coming days and weeks.

The deployment for the entire D.C. National Guard has been extended until March 31 in anticipation of “civil disturbance” throughout the nation’s capital, according to a memo obtained by POLITICO on Tuesday.

The extended deployment was confirmed by a National Guard spokesperson.

The memo, signed by D.C. National Guard chief Maj. Gen. William Walker and dated Jan. 25, orders troops to remain on duty at least through the end of March “in continued support of District and Federal civil authorities during anticipated First Amendment demonstrations and Civil Disturbance in the District of Columbia.”


The Guard is also establishing a Quick Reaction Force of 500 Guard members, half from the Army component and half from the Air component, to stand guard each day from midnight until noon through Feb. 28 to support D.C. Metropolitan Police. A QRF is typically made up of military police or combat arms personnel.


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