Delegate describes harassment on RNC floor (Amy Davis, WA)

Source: Yahoo News | July 19, 2016 | Jon Ward

Amy Davis, a delegate from Washington, says she was harassed on the RNC floor in Cleveland on Monday night….

Watch her interview at the site.

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  •  Scarlett_Says #8527

    So, I couldn’t log in from my phone. Sorry!

    Ask your questions and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

    1. This was NOT about putting Cruz’s name in nomination. This was about striking down egregious rules that seek to stifle the voice of grassroots this year and in the futures. Sen. Lee, Ken Cuccinelli, Graham Hunt, Kendal Unruh, and Morton Blackwell teamed up to challenge these rules.

    2. We knew walking onto the floor we had enough signatures from 9 states. Alaska joined us soon thereafter.

    3. The WA state chairwoman, the two state RNC committee people, and the neon-hatted Trump whips did everything they could to twist the arms of our delegation. All 26 signers held firm. The chair of our state party (who was, sadly, allowed in a sympathy vote to be our delegation chair) threatened to pull credentials from members who didn’t have their names removed from the roll call petition. The state committeewoman informed me that I had to be in my seat if my vote was to count. I informed her that wasn’t the case for a voice vote and if we had a roll call vote I’d have plenty of time to get to my seat.

    4. My state chair did NOTHING to help when I was being harassed. It was a fellow delegate, an 82nd Airborne veteran, who went to get the Sergeant at Arms. My state chair did threaten to remove ME if I was involved in a “confrontation”.

    FReeper formerly known as Brothers4thID

     Consistent #8529

    Scarlett_Says, thank you very much for the great work you have been doing for the country!

    What should we as Conservatives do now?

    What did the delegates say? Is the GOP worth saving or should we start a new party?

     EVERYDAY #8530

    Does anyone need more proof that Trumpies are menacing bullies, just like their hero?

    The guy who was harassing Amy should have bed hauled away and thrown out on his rear. But it looks like, except for the Sergeant at Arms, no one was going to stand up to the Trump bullies.

    Pay attention, everyone. This is what a Trump regime will be like.

     Scarlett_Says #8534

    What should we as Conservatives do now?
    Talk with your neighbors, your church friends, your families. The RNC’s media blitz has painted this as an effort to steal the election from Trump. As I said above, this was not a “Free the Delegates” fight. They very much helped, but we were a larger coalition of committed conservative activists.

    What did the delegates say? Is the GOP worth saving or should we start a new party?
    There are some who said they are done with the GOP. Others are making plans to go home and change state party bylaws. The majority of people I spoke with were going home angry. They wanted to “decompress”, see their families, and get back to their “real jobs” and “real lives”.

    Please get involved. Find out who your delegates were. Find out how your local party is organized. See what you can do. Above all: let the voice of the Republic be heard!

    FReeper formerly known as Brothers4thID

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