Early votes? Protest votes? Marco Rubio gets more than 70000 votes in Arizona…

Source: ABC 15 Arizona (KNXV-TV Phoenix, AZ) | March 22, 2016 | Anthony Cave

Early votes? Protest votes? Marco Rubio gets more than 70,000 votes in Arizona primary

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio received more than 70,000 votes in Tuesday’s Arizona Presidential Preference Election. 

He’s not on the presidential ballot. 

The Florida Senator, who ended his GOP bid for president March 15, notched 17,000 more votes than Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who’s still in the race, on the night. 

Rubio got over 14,000 more votes than Kasich in Maricopa County. 

And while Ted Cruz finished second overall, he did beat Donald Trump in Graham County – by four votes. 

The state’s early voting for the Presidential Preference Election started Feb. 24, which may have something to do with it. 

Dr. Ben Carson, who dropped out March 4, also received more than 14,000 votes overall. 

Other former presidential candidates who received votes Tuesday include former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum and Lindsey Graham.

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  • rodamala #3085

    Original article stated 60,000. Updated an hour ago to say 70,000. Nowhere on any of the online primary results does it show how heavy the vote was for Rubio. That graphically skews how much Trump took of the total.

    Utah is a different story… the vote was split between only 3 candidates… with Cruz SLAMMING Kasich and Drumpft’s COMBINED total by 38 percentage points.

    Graphically, the Utah vote is a true representation, of competition getting absolutely SMOKED.

    slhancock1948 #3095

    Yes, for the early voting to take place so far in advance…that was not a good idea. I was glad they had early voting in GA because I was not going to be able to vote, otherwise. But for some, they vote to get it out of the way. Or, after a debate, when the debates really mean so little most of the time.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Victoria #3099

    How ballots are created for a primary election answers why uninformed voters vote for candidates who are no longer candidates.

    There is a deadline for ordering paper ballots and a deadline for voting machines to be programed. After that deadline, changes cannot be made to either method of voting.

    My husband was a Republican County Chair and I was the Secretary for that party and we put on primary elections for ten years. Every primary, there were candidates listed who had dropped out after the deadline for ordering ballots/programming machines.

    Why do voters vote for candidates who have dropped out? An alarming amount of voters live their lives every day and politics is rarely talked about. In the evening they don’t click on Fox or CNN or any news TV; rather, they watch sit coms or action character shows.

    They may see political commercials on TV during a break from their program and make their choice from that exposure. They decide on “x” and they don’t know “x” dropped out and “x” is on the ballot, so they vote for “x”.

    Real story:
    In our county, we had a Republican candidate for county judge. He died of a heart attack in early October and his name could not be removed from the ballot. In the November election, he being dead, almost beat the Democrat county judge candidate.

    ConservativeGranny #3106

    I think you are right Victoria. On the WI ballot all of the original Republican candidates are still listed. I am sure many of those will get votes. So many people just don’t pay any attention.

    Either that or they are really committed to the candidate and it’s a protest vote. I would probably do the same if Cruz dropped out as I can’t vote for Trump.

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