Erick Erickson: Donald the Liar Fibbing About Amazon

Source: The Resurgent | April 2, 2018 | Erick Erickson

So much of what Trump says on this issue is not just not true, but willful, malicious lies.


The President’s attacks are lies and they are unseemly. Having a President of the United States using his bully pulpit to target an American business for harassment is unAmerican. It is the worst impulse of a would be autocrat. It is what a third world kleptocrat would do. Amazon is an American success story. It’s impact on small businesses comes from progress into the 21st century. One expects Donald Trump would be railing against Henry Ford’s impact on blacksmiths and horse breeders at the turn of the twentieth century.

What’s more troubling though is the ongoing lemming like propensity of Trump supporters to echo and defend his lies about Amazon and the post office. They are simply not true facts and the President sets a dangerous precedent that will be used by future Presidents against future businesses, including, perhaps, the Trump Organization.

He should be focusing on the border, getting ready for talks with North Korea, and figuring out what to do with Russia — not himself behaving like Putin shaking down American businesses. And his surrogates should stop aspiring to be American Goebbels defending petty lies as truth in order to destroy his political enemies.

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