Former Aide, Worried About Trump's Knowledge Gaps, Now Backs Cruz

Source: US News | March 28, 2016 | Gabrielle Levy

Sam Nunberg’s defection reflects GOP elites’ concerns with the lack of depth in Trumps policies.

A former aide to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, Trump’s bitter rival, disappointed with what he says is Trump’s disinterest in learning what it takes to become leader of the free world.

Sam Nunberg, who was fired by the Trump campaign in August, told Politico Playbook he backs the Texas senator over the candidate he one worked to elect because while “Cruz is a Reagan conservative, Donald Trump does not have a coherent political ideology.”

Nunberg said the GOP front-runner’s lack of domestic- or foreign-policy chops has been obvious for months. But recent events, he added, made it clear Trump isn’t motivated to close his knowledge gaps.

“When did I decide that I could no longer support Trump? Last fall, when he did not have any idea of what the nuclear triad is in a debate,” Nunberg said. “I was concerned, but I figured that he would bulk up on policy. He has not.”

“I do not see a candidate who takes these issues seriously,” he continued. “The last straws were [Trump’s February interviews with CNN’s Jake Tapper and on MSNBC’s Morning Joe]: ‘I am really good at this stuff’ on foreign policy’ when he is not.”


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