Former GOP congressman says he's leaving party: 'This has become a cult'

Source: The Hill | January 15, 2021 | Lexi Lonas

Former Oklahoma GOP Congressman Mickey Edwards said that he is leaving his party because it has become a “cult” led by President Trump.

Edwards was critical of Republicans questioning the results of the presidential election, and of Republicans who voted to throw out Electoral College votes of two battleground states after a mob invaded the Capitol building last week to stop their work.

“This has become a cult. It’s no longer a political party. It’s a cult,” Edwards told Oklahoma’s News 4 on Thursday. “It’s the kind of a cult that when the leader of the cult does anything, no matter what it is, or how awful it is, they voted.

“They voted to question the election results even after people came into the Capitol, tried to kill them and killed a police officer who was trying to protect them. And they did that.”


Edwards served as a Republican congressman in the House for 16 years, from 1977 to 1993. He has been a critic of Trump’s since he started campaigning in 2016.

Edwards was one of 30 former congressmen who signed a letter saying Trump was unfit for office. He also endorsed President-elect Joe Biden in the 2020 race.

“It’s gone. I mean there is no Republican Party anymore that has values, principles, morals, anything,” Edwards said. 

Edwards singled out Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Josh Hawley (Mo.) for criticism. The two Republicans announced they would object to the Electoral College results in certain states, which ensure debates and votes on the issue in the House and Senate.

Edwards said such Republicans had put “personal ambition” first and it is “leading them to real dark paths.” 


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