GoFundMe for Strzok raises over $100K in hours

Source: The Hill | August 13, 2018 | Avery Anapol

A GoFundMe for former FBI agent Peter Strzok has raised more than $120,000 in the hours since his firing was announced Monday.

The fundraising campaign, which is seeking to raise $150,000, says the money will go to a trust to cover Strzok’s “hefty — and growing” legal costs and loss of income after he was fired for sending texts critical of President Trump while involved in multiple politically relevant investigations.

“Unlike those who typically become the focus of partisan investigations in Washington, Pete is not politically connected, he’s not a wealthy lobbyist and he’s not interested in using his notoriety for personal gain,” the fundraising page reads.

“Because of this, he doesn’t have deep pockets that allow him to pay for the significant legal bills he has incurred to defend himself and the FBI against these political attacks, or to easily cover the expenses incurred by his lost income.”

The GoFundMe praises Strzok, saying that his “personal views never once influenced his professional actions.” It also criticized the FBI’s decision to fire him, saying it was “driven by political pressure” and breaks with the agency’s typical processes.


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