Golden statue of Trump at CPAC ridiculed online

Source: The Hill | February 26, 2021 | Celine Castronuovo

A golden statue of former President Trump was unveiled late Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla., quickly prompting ridicule from social media users, many of whom compared it to the Old Testament account of the Golden Calf.

Video showed the statue being rolled out through hallways at the annual right-wing conference. The structure includes a golden figure of Trump wearing a suit jacket and red tie, paired with American-flag shorts and flip flops. 

Several people stopped to pose with the statue, with one woman saying, “Awesome,” and another person commenting, “That is so cool.” Another person can then be heard in the video starting to chant, “four more years.” 

Despite the praise from attendees, social media users argued that the statue showed some conservatives’ unhealthy obsession with Trump, with one Twitter user jokingly writing, “I asked CPAC if they were afraid of offending God with a golden Trump statue and they said ‘Trump is God.’” 

Others, including University of Virginia Center for Politics founder and Director Larry Sabato, connected the statue to the book of Exodus. 

In the Old Testament story, the Golden Calf was worshipped by the Israelites in the absence of Moses as he went up to Mount Sinai. In the Bible, God punished those who worshipped the golden structure instead of him, destroying the calf and killing about 3,000 people.


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    Trump Golden Calf

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    Said all along this is a cult. Most members used to appear pious. Ted Cruz for one portrayed himself as a God-fearing Christian. But he and the others threw away God to worship Trump, lured by the promises of wealth and fame.

    Rick Wilson says “everything Trump touches dies.” Sooner or later these cult members will find those words to be true as they watch their careers, their reputations, their families and themselves be destroyed.

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    A bunch of brainwashed mentally ill people led by a mentally ill and morally bankrupt wannabe dictator. What could go wrong? The GOP is no longer a political party. It is a cult following associated with violence and conspiracy theories. It is the object of ridicule and disdain. How the heck does something like this happen on such a large scale? And these people represent half of our Congress? Lord help us.
    A serious political party has a platform. A set of beliefs and principles that they present to voters. The GOP has none of that. The only thing they have is Trump worship. That is the only thing they believe in. They cannot win anything this way. You can only brainwash so many people. They have reached the saturation point. The GOP is going to lose membership as the sane realize they cannot succeed hitching their pony to this wagon train of fools.

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