Horowitz: Cruz/Rubio Slug Trump. But is it too little too late?

Source: Conservative Review | February 25, 2016 | Daniel Horowitz

As conservatives, we swore to ourselves that we would not let the liberal media pick our nominee again – like we did the past few cycles.  Yet, in debate after debate, the entire focus and narrative has been framed by the media in the form of hitting Donald Trump from the left.  This has resulted in many conservative voters (rightfully) thinking Trump is the presumptive anti-establishment candidate who will tear down the political class.  A case of circular logic, no doubt. 

We never had an opportunity to observe candidates actually debate Trump from the right in a sustained fashion and actually reveal just who this man is, a man who is close to sealing the nomination.  Part of this was the fault of the other candidates declining to truly assail Trump on the issues, but much of it was because of the media narrative and the pathetic moderators. 

Tonight’s debate was different.  It was, by far, the most informative debate as it relates to educating the public on Trump’s record.  This is because the two leading challengers, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio actually took the fight to Trump in a sustained manner.  Wolf Blitzer does deserve credit for formulating good questions that actually afforded the candidates the opportunity to inform the public about the real Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, the combination of a number of factors; namely, the clownish anchor from Telemundo, Wolf’s intervention to save Trump from a beat down on numerous occasions, and the distraction of Carson and Kasich’s presence at the debate, prevented the voters from seeing a full-throttle clash between the three real contenders. 


Which leads to the next important outcome of the debate.  Cruz lost South Carolina largely because Trump and Rubio called him a liar for an entire week.  That accusation stuck with him.  In this debate, whether it was Trump on socialized medicine, support for the Libya invasion, or Rubio’s record on immigration, Cruz was vindicated and demonstrated it with painstaking fact by using the words of his opponents.  It is in fact his opponents who are the liars. 

Cruz can now hold his head high running as the only consistent conservative and finally making that case effectively to the public. 

Rubio also turned in a solid night and performed well.  But again, “performance” has sadly been the extent of his conservatism when you look at his record. 


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