House passes bipartisan debt deal, sending it to Senate

Source: Politico | May 31, 2023 | Jordain Carney

Now the upper chamber has to work to pass the measure before the default deadline on June 5.

The House passed H.R. 3746 (118), sending it to the Senate with less than six days until a June 5 default deadline.

The vote united a swath of Republicans and Democrats, and was opposed by a swath of conservative and progressive lawmakers, with a few of the former floating an attempt to strip Speaker Kevin McCarthy of his gavel over the bipartisan debt agreement he negotiated.

The hurdles aren’t over yet. Senate leaders will need to cut their own deal with conservatives in their chamber to get the bill to President Joe Biden’s desk on time.

But passing the bill marks the House’s biggest bipartisan victory since Republicans took over the chamber this year. Until now, McCarthy’s repeated wrangling of members has mostly been on a series of messaging bills with no Democratic support and no chance at becoming law. And he faced plenty of questions on whether he could get enough Republican support for the debt plan.

“Don’t miss out. Don’t sit back and think, ‘I wanted something so much more,’” McCarthy said, describing his pitch to members. “Yeah, there’s a lot of things I want, too, but this is one that moves us in the right direction.”

In the end, McCarthy lost 71 House Republicans. But the bill easily passed with support from over a hundred Democrats, who were torn between voting for a bill that includes some policies they oppose or risking a default.



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