In Ted Cruz country, Sarah Palin gets tepid response stumping for Donald Trump

Source: Journal Times | April 2, 2016 | Matthew DeFour

MILWAUKEE — In her Wisconsin debut as a Donald Trump surrogate, Sarah Palin was met with tepid applause and stone-faced silence Friday night at a Milwaukee County Republican gathering.

In contrast, the 750 Republicans at American Serb Hall cheered enthusiastically for Sen. Ted Cruz, who was introduced by Gov. Scott Walker and talk radio host Vicki McKenna.

The contrasting receptions illustrated why the Texas senator has surged past the real estate mogul and reality TV celebrity in the latest polls, especially in southeastern Wisconsin.

Palin opened with a call for unity among the candidates in supporting former Green Bay Packer offensive lineman Jerry Kramer’s induction into the NFL hall of fame, a joke that mostly fell flat. Her free-flowing, seemingly stream-of-consciousness speech from prepared notes criticized crony capitalists on Wall Street for profiting from open borders, free trade and military intervention while regular people suffer.


After Palin, McKenna, who Trump hung up on during an intense interview earlier in the week, fired up the crowd by slamming Trump’s criticisms of Walker and the Wisconsin economy.


Walker then introduced Cruz as a candidate who would bring to Washington the same “common sense conservative leadership” that Walker brought to Wisconsin.

Palin was the second featured speaker after Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who had a small contingent of supporters in the crowd and was introduced by former Gov. Tommy Thompson.



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    slhancock1948 #3605

    YAY! Sarah is finally realizing that her political worth is getting near zero! She abandoned her conservative friends to run after the celebrity. The celebrity is running on fumes now, as many of the people who were enticed by him earlier are having buyers’ remorse!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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    EVERYDAY #3626

    If Sarah Palin still entertains political aspirations, her endorsement of Trump has destroyed those ambitions. Choices do have consequences.

    Victoria #3640

    I heard yesterday that Trump is using her in several places in Wisconsin. She talks, rather screeches, in phrases, not sentences, and the words make no sense. I think her whole family should be in intensive care, except the Down’s Syndrome son. There’s the daughter with two illegitimate children, and the alcoholic son who gets in fights and wants to kill himself. These two need counseling really bad.

    The husband has been in intensive care due to two deflated lungs and broken ribs. He is lucky to be alive with both lungs deflated. As an EMT, I will say it was likely the broken ribs that punched into the his lungs. That pain would be severe.

    Her behavior and dress has deteriorated into what Bob calls “trailer park trash”. I don’t know anyone who lives in a trailer park so I can’t attest to that. If I were a candidate, she would not be on my list for anything.

    silver pines #3669

    The trailer look?

    silver pines #3670

    Failed again…..

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