Inside the Leftist Religion That Worships Bloodshed and Mayhem

Source: Conservative Review | May 29, 2016 | Spyridon Mitsotakis

Earlier this week, I wrote the following about the International Socialist Organization (ISO)’s defense of 120 gang members arrested for 8 murders and drug dealing in New York City:

ISO does not care about the victims of crime. Those who acquiesce to the laws of the system are at worst secular infidels — enemies of the people — and at best they are in the way of the march toward the Revolutionary Apocalypse of Marxist prophecy. Their hatred of police and civil society runs so deep that they will uphold killers and drug dealers, and the law-abiding citizens be damned. 

Why should any of this be controversial to say? Anyone who listens to Marxists who have spent a century supporting Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Castro can recognize their hatred for civilized people. They are swimming in an ocean of innocent people’s blood, and nothing makes them happier than shedding the blood of nonbelievers.


According to Lenin, “We say that our morality is entirely subordinated to the interests of the proletariat’s class struggle. Our morality stems from the interests of the class struggle of the proletariat.”


Reading volumes I and II of “The Black Book of the American Left: The Collected Conservative Writings of David Horowitz” is a truly enlightening experience, because Horowitz saw up close how the Left was willing to excuse any crime committed by the Black Panthers. It didn’t matter how many people they killed or lives they destroyed, because they were the “Vanguard of the Revolution.” One of the more amazing things to realize is that a sophisticated legal, media and academic support structure was built to shield the Panthers from the police, which — realizing that they were untouchable — provoked the Panthers to commit ever more severe acts of violence. The Panthers were brought down not by the police but by becoming so lawless and out of control that they turned on and destroyed one other — and with much more bloodshed than there would have been if the police had brought them to justice once the crimes started. So the Left actually brought about the worst possible outcome (not that it cares).

Those who truly and undeniably cared about disadvantaged communities, such as the Civil Rights hero Bayard Rustin, had no tolerance for violent crime. During the 1967 riots in Detroit, Rustin said, “The rioting must be stopped. Whatever force is necessary should be used. If the riots continue, they will be a threat to all civil liberties.” In 1969, he wrote that “if democracy is destroyed and violence prevails, those who will suffer most will be black Americans. This has been true in the past, and it remains true today. We must repudiate such violence if we are to achieve our liberation.”

Radical left-wing college students and pseudo-intellectuals who enable criminals are true villains. Most of them are too cowardly to commit a violent crime themselves, so they use the recklessness of others in ways that are harmful to society, which is their goal. The criminal advocates cannot be punished for it, and get away scot-free. In this way, the left-wing criminal advocate is not stupid, but evil.

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