It appears Trump campaign created spam accounts with Latino names who all…

Source: Niraj Warikoo | February 24, 2016 |

It appears Trump campaign created spam accounts with Latino names who all tweeted exact same thing in past 2 minute

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  • Consistent #1557

    Trump will try to win at all costs.

    Consistent #1558

    Victoria #1562

    Consistent, this reminds me of FR, after Trump announced and suddenly there were new members who pounced on Cruz supporters and they are still there doing the same thing, so it doesn’t surprise me Trump has set up so called Spanish people posting the same message over and over.

    Trump’s new message of I could murder someone and my people would stay with me, tells us how his mind works. What a horrible man to have the power of the presidency behind him.

    slhancock1948 #1564

    Yes, that was exactly right. One has to wonder, then when Sundance started posting…someone who claims to be a Christian, who is one of the worst liars I have ever seen…the whole atmosphere went downhill. Mark Levin called him out, but he still posts a lot at FR. He uses a lot of left-wing info…as did Sarah Palin, whom Levin also called out.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    silver pines #1572

    Slhancock, I didn’t know Sundance posted at FR. Is he Greetings_Puny_Humans?

    One of our fellow Cruz supporters who has a presence on twitter told me that a large portion of Trump’s twitter followers are fake/purchased.

    EVERYDAY #1577
    silver pines #1667


    Just as I’m convinced these recent endorsements (Christie, etc.) were bought. The Maine governor was recently heard to be railing that Trump was completely unsuitable for office; now he endorses him?

    Victoria #1670

    What floored me was the Baptist minister of Dallas Baptist church being on Fox News a few weeks ago endorsing CRUZ – all in it for Cruz. Then, he is at Trump’s gathering in Dallas this week, the day after the debate, endorsing TRUMP. Trump is no Christian and yes, I am making a judgment (by their works ye shall know them). What did Trump do to get that Baptist preacher on his side? How much did that cost?

    silver pines #1673

    Victoria, for what it’s worth, I heard Beck say that a well-known pastor who endorsed Trump told him, “All I will say is, Donald is very generous.”

    At the time, Beck said he wasn’t referring to Jerry Falwell, Jr., but I do know that Liberty University is expanding at an enormous rate and could probably use the money. I’m speculating and possibly edging close to bearing false witness, but like you say, the fruits of any Christian who endorses Trump are rotten.

    Then again, I remember a scene from one of those Left Behind books, where the AntiChrist took a bunch of people who were against him into a room so that he could have a discussion with them. Once there, he supernaturally convinced them to change their minds, and they left the room enthusiastically supporting him.

    I’m joking…I think.

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