Jack Kelly: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are twin deadly cancers on America

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 25, 2016 | Jack Kelly

Now that Trump is the nominee presumptive, Republicans should unite behind him, say RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and other peawits.

Even if he weren’t a liberal Democrat, a con man, a boor and an ignoramus on public policy, I’d never vote for Trump because he’s the opposite of everything my parents taught me a good man should be…

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  • EVERYDAY #6552

    This is a good read. It sums up everything wrong with both candidates, particularly Trump. Most people I know — Republicans and Democrats — don’t want Hillary. No need to enumerate Hillary’s failings. The hard part is explaining to the Kool Aid drinking Trumpbots that their hero is not the savior they think he is. They insist we all have to vote for Trump to save this nation from evil Hillary. But they will not see that Trump’s evil is still evil. There is no “lesser of 2 evils.” They are both equally evil and all wrong for America.

    ConstitutionalConservative #6565

    Two types of stage four terminal cancers running rampant through the bloodstream of our once strong and healthy Republic. There was a cure offered, one that would have restored and renewed the original healthy cells and attacked the killer cells. Although the treatment was conservative and tested true, it was rejected as to extreme.

    Our nation lies at the throes of deaths door, what to do?

    Victoria #6570

    I’ll vote Libertarian. As to the two cancers, Hillary is not mental disturbed but Trump is. He has to keep trying to prove he is the smartest and greatest and I can see him punching the red button to send a nuclear bomb somewhere to prove he is the smartest/greatest. Hillary is not about to punch the red button, so she is less dangerous than Trump.

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