Jimmy Carter Reveals Who He’d Choose for President if Forced to Pick Between…

Source: The Blaze | Feb. 3, 2016 | Oliver Darcy

Jimmy Carter Reveals Who He’d Choose for President if Forced to Pick Between Trump and Cruz


Former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday that he would prefer businessman Donald Trump as president over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Following a speech at the U.K.’s House of Lords, Carter took questions and was asked by a BBC reporter for his analysis of the 2016 election.


The former president then turned his attention to the race for the Republican nomination. He said he had a “feeling” Trump would ultimately “fade away” — then made an unexpected statement.

If he had to choose between Trump and Cruz, Carter reportedly said, “I think I would choose Trump, which may surprise some of you.”

“The reason is, Trump has proven already he’s completely malleable,” Carter explained, according to the Atlanta-Constitution Journal. “I don’t think he has any fixed [position] he’d go the White House and fight for. On the other hand, Ted Cruz is not malleable. He has far right-wing policies he’d pursue if he became president.”

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    Cruz responded to Carter’s remarks at a campaign event in New Hampshire:

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    From Politico:

    On Wednesday night, Cruz gloated over a report that former Democratic President Jimmy Carter’s comment that he would prefer Trump over Cruz because Trump would be “malleable.” Cruz said he instructed his team to track down video of those remarks from Carter, who is deeply unpopular among Republicans.

    “I read the article on my iPhone today, my comment to the team was, if there is video, get the video, I want the video, I’m going to pay to air Jimmy Carter’s attack on me,” he said.

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