John Kasich is Dropping Out

Source: The Resurgent | May 4, 2016 | Erick Erickson

Having worked to ensure Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination, John Kasich’s work is done.

He squandered both the good will of the Republican Party and of the people of Ohio who have been increasingly complaining about their absent governor.


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    Mission Accomplished… Kasuck dropped out because Trump told him too. He was probably offered a cabinet position by Trump to stay in the race, of course he will renege on his the offer if he wins, an occurrence that is highly unlikely.

    EVERYDAY #5705

    Who knows? Kasich is a liberal. Trump is a liberal. Kasich might be a good fit in some position with Trump. I expect Trump would, if elected, fill his administration with liberals from both parties.

    Then the Trumpbots can then see what their candidate is really like.

    kleindropper #5707

    Disgusting. This is new for me, having absolutely zero hope and zero motivation politically 6 months before a presidential election.

    Even with McCain, I was revitalized with Palin (I was working hard in a local election that year to dislodge a RINO too.)

    ConservativeGranny #5715

    Kasich is a piece of garbage. I hope Trump reneges on every promise he made to him.

    I too no longer have any skin in the game. I’ll write in Cruz and vote down the ticket for real conservatives.

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    If Trump has any sense, he will take Kasich for VP because Kasich knows how government works and Trump doesn’t.
    Do you remember Cruz said Trump’s new manager, Paul Manafort, has an office on “K” street in Washington, DC., and his business partner is the campaign manager of Kasich?

    That was strange and now it is not so strange.

    Last night, I refused to listen to Trump and clicked off the sound and didn’t watch him. When he was off, I clicked the sound back on. I will continue to do that as I will not have anything to do with him. I will leave the president slot blank and vote down ticket.

    In most states, if you use voting machines, you cannot do a write-in ballot unless the write-in candidate has registered to be a write-in. If you live in Texas, write-in candidates have to register by a certain time in the summer. If they do not do that, they cannot be a write-in candidate and you will not be able to do a write-in. In Texas, even if paper ballots are used, if the person has not registered to be a write-in, your write-in will not be counted.

    I refuse to see Trump in our White House. I refuse him because I believe he is a degenerate human being with no redeeming value. I would vote for Bernie Sanders over Trump because at least Bernie is truthful about his beliefs – you know what you are getting with him. He will be restrained from too much social change due to having to have congress pass laws he wants. He is not a deceiver, but Trump is.

    However, polls show Hillary will be the candidate and polls show she will win over Trump.

    Unless God intervenes, and removes both of them, the country goes down. If deceiver Trump wins, I suspect he is the Antichrist as the Bible says the Antichrist will be a deceiver and the people will follow him. He is the worst or best, however you look at it, deceiver in my lifetime. He is more of a deceiver than Hitler was when he took over.

    I also believe Trump wants a family dynasty and will groom his oldest son to be the next president if the country lives that long or if Christ comes back to earth to gather real Christians before then.

    mostlyhomebound #5732

    I knew that obama was an anti-Christ, but knew he was not the one. He decieved only half a nation. If stump wins, it will have to take in many dammocraps. Thus, it will have decieved nearly the entire nation. If it then reaches for world hegemony, it will be an odds-on favorite for The Anti-Christ, the Great Deciever, the beast of Satan.

    Come, Lord Jesus.

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