Judge orders release of internal Trump University documents

Source: Washington Post | May 28, 2016 | Tom Hamburger

A federal judge has ordered the release of internal Trump University documents in an ongoing lawsuit against the company, including “playbooks” that advised sales personnel how to market high-priced courses on getting rich through real estate.

The Friday ruling, in which Judge Gonzalo Curiel cited heightened public interest in presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, was issued in response to a request by The Washington Post. The ruling was a setback for Trump, whose attorneys argued that the documents contained trade secrets.

Curiel’s order came the same day that Trump railed against the judge at a boisterous San Diego rally for his handling of the case, in which students have alleged they were misled and defrauded. The trial is set for November.


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    I heard him call the judge “Mexican” and he said it with disdain. The judge was born in Indiana. And we are having Trump as President? He is barely civilized.

    CA Surveyor #6585

    This is what happens when one publicly ridicules a sitting judge that is handling your case.

    Trump is a blithering ,ideot!

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