Lifelong Colorado Republican Burned His Voter Registration for Trump — Now ….

Source: Independent Journal Review | April 12, 2016 | Katie LaPotin

Lifelong Colorado Republican Burned His Voter Registration for Trump — Now Stunning New Detail Emerges…

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump once again vented his frustrations with the so-called “Republican establishment” disenfranchising everyday Americans on Monday, tweeting the following:

Included in the tweet was a YouTube video of Larry Wayne Lindsey, a Colorado man who hoped to become a delegate for Trump at the Republican National Convention this summer, only to learn when he arrived at the state party’s convention in Colorado Springs this past weekend that he was not a qualified delegate.

As a result, Lindsey filmed himself burning a copy of his party registration to signify that he was severing all ties with the Grand Old Party.


According to The Federalist, it appears that the latter is in fact the answer.

The news website wrote that Lindsey had indeed shown up to his precinct caucus and was elected as a delegate to the county assembly, however he never took any further action. That included failing to show up to the county assembly or even signing in for his credentials after being elected.


Lindsey’s story is just one of many from this past weekend’s convention that illustrate the level of disorganization displayed by the Trump campaign and its supporters in the Centennial state.


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  • Consistent #4305

    kleindropper #4306

    The joke has gone on way too long. All these Trump trolls can just go home now. They have proven themselves way too incompetent to do or be anything.

    It’s looking to me like there won’t even be much for fireworks at the convention since so few of the delegates are actually Trump people.

    rodamala #4307

    When I watched the 3 part video a few days ago, the question I immediately asked myself was, “Why is this dude filming as he tries to sign in at the State Convention?”

    Clearly he came looking for a fight because he, like his Master, thinks he can fail to follow procedure, disregard protocol, and then when shit doesn’t go his way, he can pitch a big YUGE hissy fit.


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