Macy's will still hold Thanksgiving Day Parade amid pandemic

Source: The Hill | November 25, 2020 | Sarah Polus

The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade take place this year, despite cases of COVID-19 skyrocketing around the country.

The event, which typically draws crowds of about 3.5 million, has been reworked amid the coronavirus pandemic to largely focus on social-distanced entertainment.

“Some is going to be virtual, there might be some small in-person pieces, spread out pieces, it’s not going to look at all of course like how we are used to — but the important thing is the traditions will be kept in some way,” New york City MayorBill de Blasio (D) said, according to ABC 7.

This year, the parade will forgo the usual 2.5-mile route and instead events will be concentrated to the 34th St. block. Many performances will be pre-taped instead of live and most performers will be sourced locally to prevent out-of-state travel. The floats will also not have the usual 80 to 100 handlers, but instead will be steered with specialized vehicles.

“Since we aren’t marching down the streets of NYC this year, the only place to see all the performances, gigantic balloons & fabulous floats is from the comfort & safety of your home,” the Macy’s website reads.

“Traditions like this are comforting and they’re uplifting,” said Susan Tercero, executive producer of the parade.

“New York has always been a tough city. It bounces back. It takes it’s blows and then it continues on. And I think it’s extremely important for us to be that display this holiday season. Regardless of what’s happened, New York needs to be that beacon of light in the darkness and this parade, I think, is symbolic of that.”


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