Malkin: #VSPShooting: Trooper Assassin James Brown III was a cop-hating Django

Source: Conservative Review | April 1, 2016 | Michelle Malkin

The Left’s reckless indulgence of War on Police rhetoric has come home to roost again.

Yesterday, Virginia State Police officer Chad Dermyer was gunned down point-blank in the chest by vigilante James Brown III at a Richmond, Va. bus station where troopers were wrapping up a training exercise. Both Dermyer and Brown died in the shootout; several others were injured.

CBS 6 interviewed Brown’s aunt, who had helped raised him and left no doubt about the killer’s motives. This rage-filled assassin hated cops, had amassed a mile-long rap sheet, and cheered other cop-killers. “He always liked the criminal side,” she told the station.

“He had a lot of anger about the police in the past,” she added. “He pretty much thought he wanted to be infamous . . . in terms of having a showdown. He always praised those people who got into shootouts with police.”

Brown, in other words, was Quentin Tarantino’s Django come to life, following in the footsteps of glory-seeking, cop-bashing spree killer Christopher Dorner.


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    rodamala #3540

    And to think, this morning’s news stated that they were only saying the suspect was male.

    EVERYDAY #3541

    I thought the media would have called the shooter a right-wing Christian conservative gun nut. They usually come to that conclusion before the bodies are cold.

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