Meteorite crashes through woman’s bedroom ceiling, narrowly missing her

Source: The Hill | October 14, 2021 | Joseph Guzman

A 2.9-pound meteorite broke through the British Columbia woman’s roof last week.

A woman in British Columbia, Canada is thankfully unhurt after a meteorite came crashing down through her bedroom ceiling and landed on her bed, narrowly missing her. 

The New York Times reports 66-year-old Ruth Hamilton was sound asleep on the night of Oct. 3 when she awoke to the sound of a crash and her barking dog, and realized she was covered in drywall debris. 

Shortly after, she found a hole in her bedroom ceiling and thought a tree may have fallen on her house and called 911. 

But while on the phone with the operator, she noticed a rock about the size of a man’s fist was nestled between her two pillows. 

“Oh, my gosh,” she told the operator, according to the Times. “There’s a rock in my bed.”

An officer who arrived on the scene speculated the rock may have come from a nearby construction site, where blasts had previously occurred for work on a highway. But the officer determined no blasts had occurred on that night. The officer then correctly assumed the 2.8-pound rock came from outer space.

Researchers later confirmed the rock was indeed a meteorite from an asteroid and noted others in the area had heard two loud blasts and seen a fireball flying across the sky, according to the Times.


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