Michael Brown’s Interview with Rafael Cruz, Father of Sen. Ted Cruz (Video)

Source: Barb Wire | February 12, 2016 | Tami Jackson

Dr. Michael Brown, in an unprecedented move, endorsed Ted Cruz last November. Michael, as he will reiterate in this video, had never officially endorsed a presidential candidate.

But, given the critical nature of Election 2016, and the dire need of solid, conservative leadership to help right the course of our nation, Brown was persuaded to do so.


MB: What happened the day you gathered for prayer and decided he [Ted Cruz] should run for president?

RC: Actually, prior to that my son Ted and his family spent six months in prayer, seeking God’s will for this decision. But the day that the final green light came on, the whole family was together. It was on a Sunday.

We were all at his church — First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas — including his senior staff. and after the church service we all gathered at the pastor’s office. We were on our knees for two hours seeking God’s will. And, you know, at the end of that time, a word came through his wife, Heidi. And the word came saying, “Seek God’s face, not God’s hand.”

And I’ll tell you it was as if there was a cloud of the Holy Spirit filling that place. Some of us were weeping. and Ted just looked up and said, “Lord, here am I.”

Watch the entire 24 minutes as Rafael Cruz answers Michael’s questions and paints a background of the motives for Ted Cruz’s run for the presidency.

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