Michigan election board certifies Biden win

Source: The Hill | November 23, 2020 | Morgan Chalfant

The Michigan State Board of Canvassers on Monday certified the state’s election results showing Joe Biden defeating President Trump in the presidential race.

The four-member panel voted 3-1 to certify the results from Michigan’s 83 counties, further formalizing Biden’s win amid Trump’s flailing efforts to challenge the election results in court. Biden leads Trump in Michigan by over 150,000 votes.


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    Nichols is right. There isn’t an honorable one among the GOP. Look at their behavior not just over the past 4 years but how they are acting right now. Looks to me that the GOP is not the party of Trumpism and that’s not going to change. Each and every one of them is a danger to our Republic and our Constitution. I will never vote for a Republican again nor anyone of them that ever was a member of that party since 2016. Nor would I vote for any of them that pretend they’ve changed their ways. Liars and phonies. All of them.

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