More Republican delegates chosen, more problems for Trump

Source: Washington Post | April 11, 2016 | Ed O'Keefe

Republicans in several states met over the weekend to choose delegates to the Republican National Convention. And the meetings exposed several more problems for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

The businessman still holds a commanding lead, but will need to dominate the remaining contests to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. Over the weekend, he was unable to win delegate slots in parts of the country that he previously won. He also lost several chances to ensure that supporters earned seats on key committees that will oversee the convention.

Clearly angered by the results, Trump attacked his main opponent, Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), on Sunday, saying that his campaign is “trying to subvert the movement. They can’t do it with bodies, so they’re trying to subvert the movement with crooked shenanigans.”

Unimpressed, the Cruz campaign crowed.

“It’s no surprise that Trump’s team will lash out with falsehoods to distract from their failure, as they have the entire time,” Cruz spokeswoman Alice Stewart said. “We have earned our success by working hard to build a superior organization and are working within the process and rules that have been established.”

Each of the 56 states and territories are assigned different numbers of delegates by the Republican National Committee and use varying rules to pick their delegates. (One uniform rule: Each congressional district gets three delegates.) At the national convention, most delegates will pledge to vote for a certain candidate depending on the results of a state caucus or primary. But the rules vary on what delegates can do in subsequent rounds of voting. That’s when a delegate’s personal preference will matter — and that’s why the Trump campaign should be nervous about the weekend results.

Need proof? Here’s a look at some of what transpired:


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